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Spider Vein Treatment Los Angeles, CA

Why Do Spider Veins Form?

Spider veins and varicose veins are often discussed in the same conversation. This can lead to a misconception that the terms could be used interchangeably. They can’t. Varicose veins are the bulging vessels that can cause leg cramps, burning, and other symptoms. Spider veins, on the other hand, are the small vessels that look like […]

Is Weight Loss the Solution to Spider Veins?

Spider veins may not present the same degree of concern as varicose veins. These dilated vessels are smaller. Because they are superficial, though, they are highly visible. Spider veins commonly occur around the ankles, on the thighs, and may even be seen on the face. There are several factors that may lead to the development […]

Vein Surgery Santa Monica, CA

Does Your Circulation Need a Boost?

Circulation is a function that we expect to occur naturally and without difficulty. From the moment of life, the body knows how to move blood and fluid through the collection of vessels and organs. As we age, many of us begin to notice changes in the way circulation occurs. Hands and feet may fall asleep, […]

Spider Vein Treatment Los Angeles CA

Resolve to Treat your Veins Well in 2018

Millions upon millions of people are affected by vein disease, and that is just in our own country. While there are familial ties to the development of varicose veins and spider veins, there are also ways in which we can free ourselves from a lifetime of suffering (or at least until treatment is obtained). Here, […]

Venaseal, Sherman Oaks. CA

Venous insufficiency, what could be the Cause?

Behind each ropey, swollen varicose vein is an insufficiency in the way that blood flows through the legs. The swelling and discomfort that occurs with varicose veins stem from the pooling of blood that is being pushed, albeit poorly, toward the heart. Once pooling occurs, the condition of the vein worsens over time, which is […]

Why Swimming all Year Long is Good for your Legs

If you have even one varicose vein or splotches of unsightly spider veins, you may be searching far and wide for tips on how to manage this frustrating problem. You may have heard that exercise is crucial for healthy legs and the veins that may become problematic, but where do you start? Are certain exercises […]

Simple Tips to Move More throughout your Day

If you watch any type of news show, you have likely heard the encouraging words from experts: “move more.” It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Except that moving more requires time, and most of us are already expending far more than we have. After a rush to get ready for work, you may sit for […]

5 Myths about Spider Veins

Spider veins are a common complaint that we tend to hear from the women we know. These web-like clusters of visible venules, or tiny veins, can be quite the cosmetic nuisance. While they do not cause pain, they can cause you to feel embarrassed about showing your legs. LA Vein Center offers proven treatments to […]

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