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This place is amazing I am very happy with my results!

Excellent experience, outstanding staff and results!

I had a fantastic experience at Dr. Lee’s office when I had my liposuction procedure done. Her office staff makes you feel at ease when you arrive. Dr. Lee and her staff are extremely knowledgeable, attentive and thorough before, during and after the procedure. Dr Lee called me after the procedure to check in with me to make sure I was doing okay. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family. I’m very happy that she helped make my ‘problem’ areas disappear! Thank you Dr. Lee!
Orange County, CA
I had varicose and spider veins for a long time and they were finally causing circulation problems. My general practitioner recommended me to the L.A. Vein Center and Dr. Lee. I’m very glad he recommended me to the L.A. Vein Center. My experience was very pleasant. The staff was extremely friendly and most of all, Dr. Lee did a great job with the surgery. I would recommend this place to anyone that needs check ups concerning their veins.
Porter Ranch, CA
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Lee, and will definitely recommend her and will be going back. She thoroughly explained the procedure and answered all my questions before starting my treatment. Her office is immaculate and her staff is very friendly.
Los Angeles, CA
정맥류로 고생하시거나 수술을 하고 싶으신 분이 계시면 저는 LA VEIN CENTER 를 운영하고 계신 Doctor Lee(Larisse K. Lee) 를 적극 추천하고 싶읍니다. Vascular and Endovascular Surgery 전문 의사로써 이분야에서는 가장권위있는 분이라고 생각하고있읍니다. 저는 수년동안 정맥류로 마음고생이 많았었는데 Dr. Lee 를 만나서 양쪽 다리를 수술하였는데 100 percent 대만족을 하고 있읍니다. 수술 막 끊나고 걸을수가 있으며 일하는데 아무지장이 없었읍니다. 섬세하고 친절하고 끝까지 책임을 질려고 노력 하는 Dr. Lee 가 저를 위하여 정맥류 수술 을 하여 주신것에 행복과 행운을 느끼고 있읍니다.
Burbank, CA
I have been a patient of Dr. Lee since April 2012. At that time, I had experienced a strange swelling in my left leg which turned out to be a blood clot, and Dr. Lee has been treating me since then. I am happy to say, less than one year later, my leg is almost back to normal because of Dr. Lee’s clear guidance, expertise, professionalism, and kindness. I am very glad to have had Dr. Lee by my side during this difficult time.
Sherman Oaks, CA
Dr. Lee may have prevented my loss of a leg when a deep wide wound failed to start healing. Dr. Lee suggested inadequate circulation could be the reason. The suspicion was confirmed after she performed an angioplasty. Almost immediately, the wound began to heal. Eight months later, no sign of a scab or scar remain. Thank you Dr. Lee!
Sherman Oaks, CA
Dear Dr. Lee,
How do I begin to thank you? Your compassion, dedication and love of your profession make you the superb doctor that you are. Your perserverance is inspiring, as you strive to maintain your patient’s overall well-being; you exhaust every possibility. Your immediate response and intervention saved my foot and allowed for my complete and healthy recovery. I know for a fact that this would not have been possible under another surgeon’s care. Your goal is to provide excellent medical care to ensure positive results. You are a credit to the medical profession and a miracle worker to your patients. I am forever grateful to you.
Tappan, NY
I hope that my story helps anyone who is looking for a vascular surgeon and wants to make sure they are getting the best care and outcome possible. My family’s concern was at a crisis level when my mother was told that she would lose her leg. Her foot was turning black and the outcome without an amputation would be something possibly more fatal.

The doctors at another nearby hospital told me that mom was a ‘poor risk’ for any further surgery. I had taken her to the very top doctors and had seen them for weeks on end trying to find solutions for her, but there were none left. The doctors there were friendly, caring, and very dedicated to helping her, but they felt that she would ‘not survive any more surgery.’

After I had resigned myself to my mother’s fate, someone told me about Dr. Lee. I sent mother to see her, but I did not attend the meeting. I knew what the doctor would say…same thing as everyone else, or so I thought. I sent mom to see her so I would be at peace for trying everything I could, but inside I did not believe anyone could help her.

Dr. Lee called me and pressed me to meet with her. I was reluctant, but she was strong on the phone and said ‘I think I can help her.’ My mother went into surgery and everything went pretty much as was outlined by Dr. Lee and her staff. The surgery saved her leg, her foot, and her life! To say it was a miracle is an understatement. My mom’s mental state and ability to work with anyone was not so easy, because she was tired of fighting. Dr. Lee pushed past all of those barriers and literally saved my mother’s life.

I told my mother that she owes the doctor the respect and honor to live a healthy life because she got a second chance. I recently took my mother to a wedding where she danced and she went to the movies with me just two weeks ago. She is living life because Dr. Lee gave my mother her life back.
Woodland Hills, CA

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I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Lee, and will definitely recommend her and will be going back. She thoroughly explained the procedure and answered all my questions before starting my treatment. Her office is immaculate and her staff is very friendly.”

– M.P. Los Angeles, Ca
*Individual Results May Vary

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