Now is a Great Time to Schedule Varicose Vein Treatment. Here’s Why!

Varicose veins are the enemy to comfortable summer style. We know this because, as an LA vein specialist, Dr. Lee consults with many people who want to eliminate these unattractive veins so they can wear shorts and skirts and bathing suits when the weather agrees. Interestingly, it is at the onset of the warm-weather months that often coincides with ideas of vein treatment. Here, we want to point out why now, when the weather is cool, may be the ideal time to schedule a consultation at LA Vein Center.

Be Ready for Shorts-Weather Long Before Summer

If you’ve lived in Southern California for more than a season, you know that the weather can be unpredictable. Summertime isn’t the only time of year that we may get sunshine and heatwaves. Scheduling varicose vein (or spider vein) treatment now means you can wear the holiday dresses that make you feel festive and confident. It means you can hit the hot tub without worrying about discomfort or bulging, itchy veins. It also means that, on those days when the sun surprises us, you can go for a walk on the beach feeling confident and comfortable.

Your Varicose Veins are Easier to See in the Winter

Some people feel that their varicose veins are worse during the summer months. The symptoms of dysfunctional veins could be exacerbated by heat and sun. However, some studies also suggest that, due to a decrease in physical activity, varicose veins may stand out more in the winter. This could be beneficial if you choose to get vein treatment at this time of year because your provider may have an easier time seeing your veins.

Compression May be More Tolerable in the Winter

After getting sclerotherapy or another vein treatment, patients often wear compression stockings. Compression helps healing. It minimizes swelling and can also reduce the minor aching or cramping that can occur after vein treatment. During the summertime, compression stockings can feel tight and hot. During cooler weather, though, these garments may bring some welcomed warmth even when worn beneath pants. Because compression stockings are advantageous to recovery and it is more comfortable to wear compression in cooler weather, this is one more reason to schedule your vein treatment now.

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