Woodland Hills

If you live in Woodland Hills and you are experiencing the symptoms of varicose or spider veins, the L.A. Vein Center offers effective treatments that may improve your condition. Our facility also provides cosmetic treatments to residents of Woodland Hills.

About Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills is a Los Angeles neighborhood located between the San Fernando Valley and the Santa Monica Mountains. This ethnically-diverse neighborhood is home to approximately 59,661 people.

If you are a resident of Woodland Hills, you can reach L.A. Vein Center’s Sherman Oaks facility in less than 20 minutes. Thus, we offer convenience vein or cosmetic treatment options for anyone in this neighborhood.

L.A. Vein Center Treatments

The L.A. Vein Center offers a number of different treatment options for people suffering from different conditions. Below are some of our vein treatment options.


Sclerotherapy is a minimally-invasive procedure that utilizes a special sclerosant solution to treat spider and varicose veins. When this solution makes contact with the walls of each abnormal vein, it irritates them. This causes the walls to seal, and the vein eventually collapses.

Radiofrequency ablation.

Radiofrequency ablation is a procedure that is ideal for treating most cases of varicose veins. During the procedure, a surgeon uses ultrasound guidance to thread a thin catheter into a varicose vein. The catheter is used to deliver heat energy, which forces the vein to collapse and seal.


Microphlebectomy procedures are often utilized when a patient has superficial varicose veins and desires cosmetic results. During this procedure, the surgeon removes the diseased vein from the body through small punctures.

Dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are substances injected into the skin to improve cosmetic issues, such as skin sagging, wrinkles or fine lines. A variety of dermal fillers are available at our facility, including Xeomin, Radiesse and more.


Liposuction procedures are designed to contour various areas of the body that contain stubborn fat deposits. This minimally-invasive procedure can remove fat from the hips, thighs, chin, arms, stomach or other problem areas. Depending on the specifics of your condition, doctors may use ultrasound and/or lasers to perform this procedure.

If you would like to discuss your treatment goals with a vascular or cosmetic surgeon near your home in Woodland Hills, please contact the L.A. Vein Center today.

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