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Have you ever wished there was a way to boost your ability to tone your muscles and reduce excess fat? With EMSCULPT NEO, you have options! This FDA-approved non-surgical device uses electromagnetic pulses of energy to cause your muscles to contract in a short session at our practice. To find out if it's right for you, please contact the LA Vein Center in Sherman Oaks.



EMSCULPT NEO is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes advanced body sculpting technology to help you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. This procedure is the only one of its kind to deliver two therapies at once, helping you maximize your results and transform your body. 

EMSCULPT NEO combines high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) and radiofrequency (RF) technology. The HIFEM energy stimulates your muscles into performing thousands of contractions, causing micro-tears in your muscles that lead to growth. 

At the same time, the heat produced from the RF energy damages and kills your fat cells, allowing you to build muscle and lose fat during the same treatment.

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During your procedure, we will target your desired treatment areas with the EMSCULPT NEO applicators. A single treatment session takes 30 minutes, during which you will simply lie back as the applicators target your fat and muscles. 

You will feel the heat from the RF energy and the contractions from the HIFEM energy as your body responds to the treatment. 

This simple but effective procedure doesn’t require any downtime, so you can feel free to jump back into your daily routine once your treatment is complete. Most patients require a series of four treatments to see substantial changes, and you can expect to see your optimal results approximately three months following your last treatment.

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Who Can Benefit from EMSCULPT NEO?

Almost anyone who wants to tone up their body, increase muscle mass, and lose fat can benefit from EMSCULPT NEO. This treatment can help people who want to sculpt their arms, abdomen, buttocks, or calves. 

Best of all, EMSCULPT NEO is safe for patients of nearly all body types and sizes. It can be used to help patients with a BMI of up to 35, as well as slimmer patients who only want to increase their muscle mass. Typically, this treatment will be most effective for patients who are within 30 pounds of their healthiest weight.

What Does EMSCULPT NEO Treatment Feel Like?

EMSCULPT NEO is a non-invasive procedure, so you won’t have to worry about any needles or anesthetics when you come in for your treatment. The procedure itself is straightforward and simple, and many patients find that they are easily able to tolerate their sessions. 

During your treatment sessions, you can expect to feel a heating sensation alongside muscle contractions that gradually intensify over the course of 30 minutes.


What’s New with EMSCULPT NEO?

EMSCULPT NEO takes all of the best features of EMSCULPT while blending in powerful fat reduction technology. It delivers the same high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy that EMSCULPT does while simultaneously delivering radiofrequency (RF) energy. 

RF technology targets and permanently destroys stubborn fat cells; in EMSCULPT NEO, it has the added benefit of targeting your muscles. The RF energy heats your muscles and prepares them for the HIFEM energy, similar to a warm-up before a workout, which supports greater muscle growth alongside long-lasting fat loss.

What Areas Can Be Treated With EMSCULPT NEO?

EMSCULPT NEO can be applied over the abdomen, buttocks, arms & calves.

EMSCULPT NEO Before & After

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What Does EMSCULPT NEO Therapy Feel Like?

You can feel intense muscle contractions together with a heating sensation in the treated area which is comparable to hot stone massage.

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EMSculpt NEO- frequently asked questions

How many EMSculpt treatments are needed to see results?

Clinical studies show that 4 treatments, 1 week apart for the abdomen and buttocks have seen optimal results. Typically, one treatment every 3-6 months for maintenance is recommended to maintain results.


How long does it take EMSculpt NEO to work?

Patients typically start seeing results about 2 weeks after their last treatment. Continued improvement is seen for 3 months. We recommend that patient get 4 treatments per area, 1 week apart for optimal result.


How do you maximize EMSculpt NEO results?

A healthy diet and regular exercise is important to enhance and get the best result possible result. Everyone is different, but you will see continued and improved results with a sensible and balanced diet and a healthy workout regimen.


What do I do before and after my EMSculpt NEO treatment?

There is no downtime and you can continue normal activities immediately after your treatment. We ask that you drink lots of water before and after and limit alcohol intake. We do not want you to be dehydrated. You can work out immediately after treatment, but we recommend you work on a different body part than the one you got treated. It is good to give the area you treated 24 hours to rest and recover so you build new muscle and melt fat in the treated area.


Does EMSculpt NEO tighten skin?

EMSculpt NEO is very effective for building muscle and reducing fat. On average, there is 25% muscle mass increase and 30% fat reduction per series of treatments. In addition, some patients may get some skin tightening improvement. However, EMSculpt NEO is not a skin tightening treatment.


Do you lose weight with EMSculpt NEO?

You may, but please understand this is not a weight loss treatment. This is a body shaping and body sculpting treatment. The EMSculpt NEO uses very powerful, state of the art technology, to deliver (RF) Radiofrequency and intense electromagnetic energy safely and effectively (HIFEM). The results are to build muscle and melt fat. Your clothes can fit better and you can get significant improvement to your body. Please remember muscle weighs more than fat so while you will build a better body, you may not see a significant difference of your overall body weight.


Does EMsculpt NEO work on visceral fat?

Yes, in addition to body sculpting, EMSculpt NEO has shown a 15% reduction in diastasis recti (which is the separation of abdominal muscle after pregnancy or weigh gain) and a 15% reduction in visceral fat.


What are the benefits of EMSculpt NEO?

Slim, sculpt and strengthen your core and physique. Build, tone and firm muscle. Natural, long lasting fat reduction. FDA cleared and scientifically proven safe and effective. While intense, it is generally not painful and has no downtime. Convenient 30 minute non invasive treatment.


Is EMScuplt NEO better than other treatments for body shaping?

Compared to all non invasive treatments EMScuplt NEO can produce better, tighter and longer lasting results. The combined technology of RF (radiofrequency) and HIFEM (high intensity electromagnetic energy) delivers results that would require multiple sessions with multiple other non invasive technologies.


Is EMScuplt NEO better than EMSculpt?

Wheras EMSculpt relies only on advanced HIFEM energy to tone up muscles and achieve fat reduction; EMSculpt NEO is the first that combines HIFEM energy with radiofrequency. This added technology uses heat to boost blood supply and build stronger and faster muscles while melting fat.


Are they any side effects or downtime to EMSculpt NEO?

EMSculpt NEO is completely non-invasive treatment and is very safe and effective. Like any powerful technology, Dr. Larisse Lee will determine in your initial consultation if the EMSculpt NEO is the correct treatment for you. Your safety and exceptional results are our number one priority at the L.A. Vein Center.

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