Are Your Veins Spider or Varicose Veins?

  If you’re dealing with the appearance of veins on your face or body, it can be quite upsetting no matter what kind of veins they are. You’ve probably heard the terms “spider veins” and “varicose veins” quite often, but maybe you’ve never really had the time to learn more about each so you can […]

How Do I Get Ready For Spider Vein Treatment?

Today’s spider vein treatments are so highly advanced that there’s little to no downtime and minimal discomfort or pain. If you’re ready to put your spider veins in the past, a treatment like sclerotherapy or a sclerotherapy/laser therapy combo may be exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s what you should know about preparing for your […]

Is There a Way to Remove Hand Veins?

Hand veins are one of the most obvious signs of aging. As your skin loses natural elasticity and grow thinner over the years, it can make the veins in your hands much more prominent than you’d like. Many people hate the bulging prominent veins and feel incredibly self-conscious about them. If you want to hide […]

What are Venous Leg Ulcers — And How Are They Treated?

Venous leg ulcers are wounds on your legs that either won’t heal or keep coming back after they’re healed. This problem can develop when your blood isn’t properly routed from the leg veins back up to your heart. The blood collects and can soon cause wounds that may be painful, odorous, and highly inflamed. What […]

Are There Any Non-Surgical Options For Wrinkle Reduction?

  There are a variety of excellent products for wrinkle reduction without surgery today. With products like Xeomin® and Belotero Balance®, you can smooth out wrinkles and restore your facial volume without ever having a single incision. Dr. Lee can inject the dermal filler or neuromodular you need in a quick office visit — and […]

Did You Know Spider Veins Could Do This?

Spider veins. These little webs of discoloration are well-known to most women. At some point, they are likely to develop on the ankles, legs, or even the chest, cheeks, or nose. For the most part, spider veins have always been looked at as a cosmetic nuisance. They keep people from wearing shorts and skirts or […]

What are Dermal Fillers and What do They Do?

You may have heard all the buzz about dermal fillers in recent years and been curious about how they work. Dermal fillers are a very popular non-invasive option for wrinkle reduction, facial sculpting, lip plumping, and other types of enhancements. At L.A. Vein Center, Dr. Lee expertly injects the fillers where you need them so […]

Is Laser Lipo a Good Choice For You?

If you’re struggling with extra fat, you may be wondering if laser lipo is a good option to consider. The good news is that laser lipo is a very convenient and easy procedure that requires only a very short recovery time. Here’s what you need to know about SmartLipo at L.A. Vein Center. Who’s a […]

Is Vein Removal Permanent?

One of the most common questions that many patients ask is about the permanency of vein removal treatments. The answer is actually a bit more complex than a simple “yes” or “no”, so keep reading to find out what you can expect after your vein removal treatment.  Vein Removal: Permanent or Not? When Dr. Lee […]

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