VenaSeal: What to Expect

As frustrating as spider veins and varicose veins are, patients often procrastinate in making an appointment with a vein specialist. Dr. Lee is proud to serve the Los Angeles area with professional, friendly care and proven treatment options. Here, we discuss a popular vein treatment option, VenaSeal, and what happens after.

Immediately After the Procedure

Upon finishing the VenaSeal procedure, the doctor cleanses the skin with a swab. A small adhesive bandage may be applied over the injection site, as well. After that, patients are ready to return to their normal activities. 

At Home

There is no need to take any time off from work or other normal activities after VenaSeal. The goal is to promote optimal circulation, and that requires movement. Patients should not go overboard with exercise, but are encouraged to walk, go for a bike ride, and enjoy all of their usual physical activities. 

What to Avoid

While we want patients to remain relatively active after the VenaSeal procedure, it is also important to avoid pushing the body too much during the first week after treatment. Patients should avoid strenuous activities like rigorous workouts that significantly increase heart rate. Hot tub use should also be avoided until the veins close completely. Excessive heat and pulsing circulation can challenge optimal closure of the treated veins. These factors may also increase risks of bruising and soreness or tenderness. 

When Do Symptoms Improve?

One of the things that patients like most about VenaSeal is that the treatment tends to work quickly. After a few injections, there is minimal swelling and bruising. Discomfort , if it does occur, is typically reported as a 2 out of 10. This side effect can be managed by elevating the legs or taking an over-the-counter analgesic medication. Immediately, the body goes to work closing off the treated veins, so symptoms may begin to improve within a day or two of treatment. Every body processes closed veins differently, so it may take varying amounts of time for patients to see the cosmetic improvements achieved with VenaSeal. Usually, within a few weeks, noticeable fading is seen. 

VenaSeal is an excellent treatment option that can be performed any time of year. To learn more, schedule a consultation at L.A. Vein Center at (818) 325-0400.

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