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Making Dermal Fillers Last Longer: Here’s What You Can Do


If you’re planning to get dermal filler injections like Belotero or Radiesse at L.A. Vein Center, or if you’ve had fillers in the past, you probably want to know how to keep the great results going for as long as you can. Although dermal fillers are designed to be a temporary solution, there may be a few ways that you can enhance their longevity. Read on to learn how you can get the most from your dermal fillers.

Minimize Sun Exposure

Too much sun can accelerate natural collagen and elastin loss, and it can have the same effect on dermal fillers. Of course, it’s also wise to stay out of the sun simply because it’s bad for your skin and your health overall.

Stay Hydrated

Staying well hydrated can be a very important tip for maintaining your dermal fillers longer. In particular, hyaluronic acid fillers like those in the Belotero family bind with water. The water helps keep the hyaluronic acid volumized, so try to make sure you get your full quota of water every day.

Maintenance at the Right Times

Dermal fillers may last longer if you make sure to get touch-ups before the product is totally gone. In this way, you’re building on an already established foundation, so it may take less filler than it would if you were to let it completely dissipate and then try to get back to an optimal result every time.

Dr. Lee at L.A. Vein Center is a dermal filler expert who is ready to help you get beautiful and lasting results. Get in touch to schedule your appointment today.

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