Is Laser Lipo the Right Choice For You?

Laser lipo is now one of the most popular ways to eliminate excess fat — but you may be wondering whether you’re a good candidate or if the laser lipo procedure would work well for you. Here’s what you need to know!

Are You a Good Laser Lipo Candidate?

Laser lipo may be right for you if you’re at a healthy weight, but simply struggle with fat on your stomach, thighs, or hips. While laser lipo isn’t a weight loss solution, it’s an excellent way to sculpt and enhance your body. The patients best suited for laser lipo are generally women and men who have already tried to drop the stubborn fat but just can’t quite do it.

For example, the muffin top area is a particular problem for many patients. Even if you’re at your ideal weight, stubborn fat around your waist can make you feel unhappy about your figure. Laser lipo is a great solution in that case!

Many laser lipo patients say that it’s the perfect treatment for them because it’s much less invasive than traditional surgery. In fact, it’s common to take as little as a couple of days off work and then move right back into your usual routine after laser lipo.

The other thing that can make you a great laser lipo candidate is your willingness to maintain your results. Since the fat cells are gone permanently after laser lipo, you only need to maintain your weight and stay healthy to enjoy long-term great results.

If laser lipo sounds like it might be right for you, reach out the the L.A. Vein Center team to learn more today.

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