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Venous Leg Ulcers: After Surgery Care Tips

Venous leg ulcers are not uncommon today. In fact, over 50 percent of all the leg ulcers that develop today may be venous in nature – so don’t feel alone if you are dealing with this issue! Anyone diagnosed with venous leg ulcers needs professional treatment from a vascular surgeon experienced in the treatment and management of both veins and arteries.

Leg ulcers are a medical problem that is treatable, and this is especially true if the patient is vigilant about proper care following treatment. Below, we will discuss some of the things that a leg ulcer patient can do to help achieve the highest level of healing – and the best odds of avoiding future venous leg ulcers.

After Surgery: Caring For Your Legs The Right Way

After surgery for venous leg ulcers, the doctor will recommend several after-care measures. Be sure to follow these very closely, as it will make recovery far more comfortable and easy. In most cases, venous leg ulcer surgery patients will need to wear compression bandaging around the ulcer site. This bandaging is typically multiple layers. It will help the ulcer site to get the support that it needs while healing. Another important part of proper healing after venous leg surgery for ulcers is proper leg elevation. This will prevent unnecessary stress on the leg while they are still healing.

Concerning long-term care, there are also several ways to reduce the risk of leg ulcers in the future. Keeping weight in a healthy range is one very effective way to keep excess weight and pressure off the legs. Improved mobility in the form of regular cardiovascular exercise can make a big difference, as well. This can be as simple as regular walks, as long as the exercise is consistent. Ask the doctor for additional tips on preventing venous leg ulcers.

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