Treatment options available for spider Veins

If you have spider veins, then you already know how frustrating they can be. But what are those annoying bright red little webs? How do I get rid of them? And how do I avoid getting them again? Those three questions are the subject of this brief post, so do read on if you’d like to know more.

What are Spider Veins?
Varicose veins are defined by being large, swollen, bulging up above the skin, twisting around. Unlike varicose veins, spider veins are very small thing lines forming a web or resembling the root of a plant. These little things are usually red, purple, or blue in colour, are clearly visible through the skin, but are not raised like varicose veins are.
Why Treatment?
In most cases there are no considerable medical conditions associated with spider veins, however you may well wish to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons, and there are plenty of treatment options available.
Treatment Options:

Lifestyle Changes
The first thing to consider if you see the appearance of spider veins is to make some small but noticeable lifestyle changes. Though spider veins may appear naturally as we age, they can also be a sign of overeating, or eating the wrong foods, and so a healthy diet is the first thing to try.
Next up, exercise is crucial for our veins to remain working healthy, and doing just a small increase in exercise can make a huge difference to your overall health, and to the health of your veins. You should also avoid spending long periods sitting or standing still at home or at work. Always try to walk around and get your blood moving every thirty minutes or so.

Compression Sock
If you’ve already made lifestyle changes and are not seeing a sufficient change in the situation with your veins, then it might be worth trying a compression sock (if the issue is on your leg, naturally). A compression sock provides pressure to assist blood flow in the affected area, reducing the stress in the short term, and allowing for recovery in the long term.

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