How to Prevent the Appearance of Varicose Veins

If you fear that you are at risk of soon developing varicose veins, or perhaps if you’ve just seen the first signs of development, then it’s the perfect time to learn how to prevent their appearance, and for protecting yourself from future problems as well as having less severe issues overall.

The first thing that is absolutely essential if you’re going to have any chance at slowing the development of problem veins is that you must exercise. This doesn’t necessarily mean running a marathon, and everyone will have unique requirements. Try simply upping your exercise a little bit, and progressing as you feel comfortable to.

Remain active

Linked but not the same as exercising, you must remain active. One of the most common causes, and the one which most shocks people, is that sitting down or standing still for large amounts of time can cause varicose veins to develop. If you find yourself in this situation, try getting up and stretching your legs, and going for a short walk for a few moments.

Compression Socks
If you have already seen varicose veins develop, then it may be worth considering using compression socks. Compression socks may be prescribed, but can be easily purchased from a medical supply or pharmacy. They are used to give proper graduated compression to the lower legs in order to maintain proper blood flow.
It is best to use compression socks in the day, so that you can feel the effect they are having (avoid using while sleeping). Before going to sleep, remove them to give your legs a period of rest while you’re lying. If you are wearing them because a doctor has told you that you should, then follow their directions, if you’re using them preventatively then feel free to use them as you find convenient.

Elevate your legs

One final piece of advice you can try at home is to elevate your legs for short periods.

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