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Effective Hand Vein Removal treatments

Many people find it difficult to deal with vein problems that develop, either due to pain and discomfort, or because of the unsightly appearance. However, from lifestyle changes, to medical procedures, there are plenty of ways to ease or prevent vein problems from occurring in the long term and the short term. But first of all it’s useful to know what the primary causes of the veins on our hands are.

Why we get Veiny hands

Put simply, the veins on the back of our hands are common problem areas because they work hard and are often under plenty of stress. Time takes its toll on our hands. Aging skin makes hand vein more prominent.

Why seek treatment?

  • Cosmetic treatments – it is common for patients to seek treatment for hand veins for cosmetic reasons. Many find them unsightly and treatment is available even if you aren’t experiencing any additional adverse side effects.

Available Treatments

  • Sclerotherapy – this involves injecting the vein with a solution that collapses the vein allowing blood to flow to healthy routes nearby.
  • Microphlebectomy – this procedure involves several incisions through which the damaged vein is removed.
  • Fillers- filler is an injectible placed underneath the skin which masks the prominent veins while preserving them for a much improved appearance.

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