Why You Might Need A Vein Ultrasound

ultrasound examination of patients leg veins in his office.Vein ultrasounds have become a valuable tool in identifying and diagnosing vascular issues, especially in the legs. This imaging tool, along with being effective at evaluating to location and severity of venous insufficiency, can also monitor and diagnose a wide variety of conditions.

During the simple, non-invasive procedure, Dr. Lee uses a handheld transducer that records the reflection of ultra-high frequency sound waves to create images of soft tissues. Not only does this create images of tissues that do not show up well on x-rays, but the ultrasound also produces real-time images so you and Dr. Lee can discuss any particular issues, on the spot.

There are several reasons why a doctor may request a vein ultrasound. These include deep vein thrombosis, superficial thrombophlebitis, arteriosclerosis as well as certain vascular tumors in arms and legs. In a recent study, vein ultrasounds have been proven to find about 95% of deep vein thrombosis blood clots. Finding and treating these particular blood clots is essential in preventing them from becoming pulmonary embolisms.

Along with diagnosing and monitoring vascular issues, vein ultrasounds are particularly useful in helping doctors treat varicose veins. The non-invasive, and quick procedure delivers real-time images to help doctors effectively treat and reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

Usually caused by weakened or damaged valves or vein walls, varicose veins are generally not a serious health concern but must be evaluated by a vein specialist. Although many people with varicose veins just have what they consider an unsightly cosmetic issue, some may suffer from leg pressure and pain when walking. There is no cure for varicose veins. But along with several preventative measures, many non-invasive treatments will help reduce their appearance and perhaps help keep them away.

If you have elevated risk factors for blood clots or suspect a vein ultrasound may help diagnose certain vascular issues, contact Dr. Lee and the team at LA Vein Center in Sherman Oaks, CA, at 818-325-0400, or visit www.laveincenter.com. Whether it’s to diagnose deep vein thrombosis, or help reduce the appearance of varicose veins, vein ultrasounds are a safe and effective way to help solve many vascular issues.

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