What You Need to Know About Chest Vein Treatment

Pigmentation,Of,Spots,On,The,Chest,And,Shoulders Have you ever noticed the appearance of veins on your chest? They might be blue in color and visible through the skin. If so, these are known as varicose veins, and often, chest vein treatment is available through a procedure called sclerotherapy. If you take a minute to understand the process, you might find that this treatment can provide helpful benefits for you.

What Does Chest Vein Treatment Involve?

Varicose veins are also known as blue veins or spider veins, and they occur when you can see blue-tinted vein patterns through the skin. A treatment known as sclerotherapy helps to effectively manage varicose veins in the chest. Sclerotherapy works by collapsing targeted veins, preventing the condition from spreading and eliminating the visible blue veins. Specifically, the procedure uses a very small needle to carefully inject a sclerosant into your vein, causing its targeted and controlled collapse.

In many cases, varicose veins are harmless, but they can be associated with serious conditions. If you ever see them emerge, it’s important to discuss them with your doctor.

What to Expect From Chest Vein Treatment

Every vein treatment begins with a consultation. At LA Vein Center, Dr. Larisse Lee will first conduct a thorough examination of your veins. Dr. Lee may also perform a comprehensive examination to determine the underlying cause of your varicose veins. Once you and Dr. Lee have agreed on your chest vein treatment, here is what you can anticipate.

Sclerotherapy is usually performed on an outpatient basis and is generally not time-consuming. The injection is administered using a small needle, with many patients sharing that they do not feel any pain from the procedure. As the sclerosant induces swelling and subsequent collapse of the targeted veins, occasionally, there may be a mild burning sensation. Dr. Lee is well-equipped to help you avoid and effectively manage any discomfort you may experience.

Explore Effective Varicose Vein Treatment in Sherman Oaks, CA

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