Is There a Way to Remove Hand Veins?

Hand veins are one of the most obvious signs of aging. As your skin loses natural elasticity and grow thinner over the years, it can make the veins in your hands much more prominent than you’d like. Many people hate the bulging prominent veins and feel incredibly self-conscious about them. If you want to hide your hands because you hate the way they look, a hand vein treatment at L.A. Vein Center might be a great solution.

The Treatment For Hand Veins

At L.A. Vein Center, Dr. Lee customizes hand vein solutions for you. Usually, one of the same procedures that helps with prominent leg veins, sclerotherapy, is an excellent solution for prominent hand veins.

During sclerotherapy, Dr. Lee injects a sclerosing solution into each vein using a very thin needle. Most patients say the procedure is virtually pain free, although a very mild burning feeling is possible. The sclerosing solution contains irritants that make your vein walls react by collapsing. After the vein collapses, the blood that was inside the veins is rerouted to other veins naturally.

Depending on how many hand veins you have and how prominent they are, you may need anywhere from a single session to a handful of treatments to eliminate your veins completely. Each sclerotherapy session for hand vein removal takes only about half an hour, so it’s easy to fit into your day. There’s no downtime, either!

To get rid of the bulging hand veins and recapture your youthful hands, get in touch with L.A. Vein Center for help now.

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