What Is Sclerotherapy?

sclerotherapy 300x200.pngSclerotherapy is a highly effective treatment for eliminating spider veins, providing noticeable results. Spider veins are typically not associated with pain, but they can have an impact on your appearance and make you appear older. Spider veins are commonly seen as purple and red squiggly lines that appear on various parts of the legs, such as the ankles, calves, and thighs. If you’re seeking a solution to the spider veins that are keeping you from enjoying your lifestyle, sclerotherapy is worth considering.

How Sclerotherapy Works

During sclerotherapy, a chemical solution is carefully injected into the affected vein to effectively treat varicose or spider veins. The solution effectively induces the swelling and bonding of vein walls, resulting in its closure and the elimination of blood flow to the vein. As a result, the vein gradually disappears within a matter of weeks.

Causes of Spider Veins

As you grow older, various aspects of your body may experience a decline in strength, including the veins in your legs responsible for returning deoxygenated blood to your heart. The blood constantly battles against the force of gravity, relying on the leg muscles and tissues to propel it back toward the heart.

As time goes on, the walls of your veins and the muscles in your legs may become less rigid. In addition, veins are equipped with valves that prevent blood from flowing in the wrong direction. When these valves malfunction, it may lead to blood pooling that causes spider veins.

Even the larger veins that are deeper in the tissue can experience these issues, which can lead to the development of varicose veins.

The Benefits of Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy offers the advantage of a quick procedure, and the majority of individuals do not experience any adverse reactions to the sclerosant. With this treatment, you may notice a significant reduction in spider veins within a short period of time, although it may take a few weeks for them to completely fade away.

Recovering After Sclerotherapy

You may need to wear compression stockings for approximately one week, depending on the number of veins that Dr. Larisse Lee injects. It is also important to refrain from engaging in strenuous exercise for a few days following treatment.

Where to Find Sclerotherapy in Sherman Oaks, CA

LA Vein Center serves Sherman Oaks and the surrounding areas in California. To find out more about sclerotherapy, speak with Dr. Lee today. To schedule a consultation, please call 818-325-0400.

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