Hand Vein Treatment: What Causes Hand Veins?

hand vein treatment In most cases, visible hand veins do not signify a serious health problem; however, they are a valid cosmetic concern for many. While more pronounced hand veins could also result from a person’s unique genetic makeup, there are a few other factors that could be responsible for them. Whether you would like to prevent the development of bulging veins on your hands or wish to seek cosmetic hand vein treatment, here’s what you should know:

Common Causes of Hand Veins


Veins become more apparent as you age because your skin becomes thinner and less elastic. Vein valves also become less effective with aging, which may result in prolonged blood pooling that enlarges the veins. Additionally, increased blood pressure can also cause veins to swell and protrude outward.

Climate or Exposure to Hot Weather

In some instances, your veins may be more noticeable because of the heat. When temperatures rise, your body adapts by expanding its veins to allow for more blood flow and a consequent decrease in internal temperature. This process might cause your already enlarged veins to grow even wider as they fill with more blood.


During physical activity, your heart rate increases and blood pressure rises, which causes your veins to become more noticeable. However, if you regularly engage in strength training activities, you may find that your expanding hand veins become permanent. Veins, particularly in the hands and arms, may also become more visible when your body fat percentage decreases.

Explore Hand Vein Treatment in Sherman Oaks, CA

When it comes to treating unwanted veins on the hands and chest, the LA Vein Center offers a wide range of treatment options. Sclerotherapy is often the treatment of choice because of its efficacy and ease of use.

In sclerotherapy, a chemical solution is injected directly into the spider or varicose vein on the hand. When exposed to the solution, vein walls swell and seal shut, thereby blocking blood flow to the vein. As the vein fades, you may experience significant results within a few weeks.

Depending on your needs, the LA Vein Center’s hand vein treatment in Sherman Oaks, CA, may also involve endovenous laser ablation or a microphlebectomy. To explore all your options, schedule an appointment today by calling (818) 325-0400.

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