Emsculpt® NEO: Am I a Candidate?

Emsculpt® NEO candidate Sometimes, no matter how hard you eat healthily and work out, it seems impossible to get rid of stubborn fat. It can seem just as impossible to get that definition you want your muscles to have. Fortunately, technology is advancing everyday, and Emsculpt® NEO–a non-invasive weight loss procedure that uses electromagnetism and radiofrequency–is the latest technological, medical advancement that can help you achieve your bodily goals. Read our blog to see if you’re a potential Emsculpt® NEO candidate.

Emsculpt® NEO Candidate Quiz

I Am Close to My Weight Loss Goal

An ideal candidate for this non-surgical procedure is someone who is within fifteen to thirty pounds of their weight loss goal. If you are further from your weight loss goal, you may benefit from continued diet and exercise or another procedure. We recommend that you are within fifteen to thirty pounds of your goal, so it is easier for you to see muscle definition and excess fat reduction after the sessions.

My BMI Is within Range

Your BMI (body mass index) should be thirty or less if you want Emsculpt® NEO treatment. Having a BMI of thirty or less increases your likelihood of seeing results fast. You can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight by your height.

I Am Not Pregnant

If you are pregnant, you are not a candidate for Emsculpt® NEO at this time. However–unless your primary care doctor states otherwise–you may start Emsculpt® NEO treatments as early as six weeks after you’ve had a vaginal birth or three months after you’ve had a cesarean.

I Plan to Diet and Exercise

Although Emsculpt® NEO promotes weight loss, you will need to be proactive in maintaining your results. As with any weight loss plan, if you do not make diet and exercise a regular part of your lifestyle, you will regain unwanted fat. Unless you reduce your intake of sugars, sodium, and trans fats, you are likely to lose the results you’ve gained from Emsculpt® NEO. Thus, you should think of this non-invasive treatment as only the beginning of your new, healthier lifestyle.

I’m Ready to Speak with an Emsculpt® Neo Doctor 

LA Vein Center has over ten years of experience assisting patients achieve their weight loss goals. With our help, you can realize your weight loss goals, too. Why wait? Contact us at 818-325-0400 to get that body you’ve always wanted.

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