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Fillers for the Hands

Dermal Fillers Los Angeles, CAMillions of men and women invest in cosmetic treatments that make their face look younger. The use of injectables, lasers, peels, and even cosmetic surgery can only do so much to lessen the blow of aging if the only area of focus is the face. When we observe one another, we look lower, at the neck, chest, and the hands. Regardless of how smooth your facial skin is, thick veins and lax skin on the backs of your hands will create a disconnect between your face and your body.

The skin and tissue changes that affect the face also affect the hands. If you’ve been diligent about using sunscreen throughout your life, your hands may show minimal signs of aging. However, there’s only so much that can be achieved using topical sunscreen and skin creams. When hand veins and loss of fatty tissue become troublesome, many people turn to dermal fillers.

Fillers can Restore Youthfulness to the Hands

Radiesse, and now Restylane Lyft, are commonly used to replenish volume on the backs of the hands. The results of dermal filler treatment are immediate, which can be gratifying. However, they are not permanent. When tiny particles of calcium or hyaluronic acid are introduced to the superficial tissue beneath the skin, they settle in between fat cells and other structures for a period of one to two years. Over time, these particles dissipate and are metabolized. When in place, filler products feel smooth and supple, just like you would expect the backs of your hands to feel.

Want Longer Lasting Results?

If you know you want the backs of your hands to match the youthful appearance of your face, you might want to consider a longer lasting solution for atrophy. Many people are unaware of the fact that it is possible to have hand veins removed just like leg veins can be removed. Sclerotherapy can be performed on the veins that become visible on the backs of the hands because these vessels are not responsible for vital circulation into the fingers (those veins are located deep beneath the skin). After just a few treatments, unwanted hand veins are gone for good.

Learn more about hand rejuvenation. Call our Los Angeles office at (818) 325-0400.

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