Xeomin is a Wrinkle Reducer You Want to Buddy Up With

Dermal FillersMost adults in our country (and well beyond) have heard of Botox. The mother of all injectables has been in use for many years now and has eliminated millions of frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead furrows. You may be well aware of what Botox can do and yet no nothing of Xeomin. Here, we want to introduce you to the wrinkle reducer we use to treat patients of our Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles office.

What is Xeomin?

Like Botox, Xeomin is a product that is used to decrease dynamic facial wrinkles, the wrinkles that result from muscle movements. Xeomin is a type of botulinum toxin that binds to the receptors in muscle tissue, preventing the release of acetylcholine, which enables muscle contractions. When muscle contractions are lessened in the upper face, the lines and creases related to repetitive facial expressions diminish. Within about one week after treatment, wrinkles and lines are significantly reduced, if not eliminated completely.

Why Another Wrinkle Reducer?

If Botox works, why would there be a need for an alternative? Xeomin and Botox do share some similarities, but there are also differences that make each unique:

  • In Botox Cosmetic, the botulinum toxin is surrounded by complexing, accessory proteins. The purpose of these proteins is to preserve the active ingredient. Xeomin is a “naked” product that does not contain additional proteins.
  • Perhaps it is the absence of accessory ingredients that makes Xeomin faster-acting than its predecessor. Without additional ingredients to unravel, Xeomin gets absorbed very quickly into muscular nerve receptors, which can produce noticeable results in a few days.
  • The purity of Xeomin also seems to be less likely to cause resistance over time, as can happen with Botox.

Xeomin may be the lesser-known wrinkle reducer among consumers, but it is a product that we stand behind for its consistent results. We have been treating patients with Xeomin for some time and have continued to achieve results that last a comparable amount of time to Botox and that look beautifully natural.

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