Why It Is Important To Correctly Diagnose and Treat Venous Leg Conditions

Painful varicose and spider veins on female legsThere are many venous conditions that commonly appear in the legs. When blood is pumped from the legs to the feet, it must work against gravity to return to the heart. Especially in people who lead a sedentary life, this can result in the collection or pooling of blood in the lower legs.

When this pooling is coupled with issues with the small valves in the veins, spider and varicose veins often appear. While spider and varicose veins are generally only cosmetic and not harmful, they can indicate the potential for more serious venous issues that must be treated.

If certain venous conditions are left untreated, the amount of blood that pools and collects in the lower leg can cause pain, redness, and tenderness. In severe cases, the blood cells and tissue can begin to break down, leading to skin ulcers. This is accompanied by pus and odor as the visible and open wound is created.

It is very important to treat leg ulcers as soon as they develop for the best chances of a positive outcome and avoid long-term and chronic treatment. Treating leg ulcers also helps to prevent infections that can lead to even more severe health conditions, from occurring.

The main goal of treatment is to remove any blockages that may be preventing the blood from being pumped out of your legs and back to your heart. After a detailed venogram and ultrasound that maps the pathways and shows the blockages, procedures like placing stents or other vein manipulation will help open the path back to the heart.

Depending on the severity of the ulcers, daily care of the ulcerous wound may be required until it is fully healed.

It is important to correctly diagnose any venous condition and to begin the appropriate treatment as needed. The doctors and staff at LA Vein Center in Sherman Oaks, CA, have the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and correctly treat such conditions quickly. Call the office at 818-325-0400 or visit www.laveincenter.com to schedule an exam.

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