Why do Spider Veins Happen?

Many people who have spider veins may feel grateful that they aren’t varicose veins, but that doesn’t mean that anyone likes having discolored lines on their legs. As the name suggests, spider veins form a web of deep red or dark blue veins on your legs. They often worsen as a person ages, but they can occur in a person of any age. There may be a couple of different reasons that spider veins happen, but the ultimate reason always comes back to the blood.

The Backup of the Blood

When the veins begin to experience extra pressure due to a blood backup, spider veins can develop. The reason that the blood backup occurs is usually because of a valve issue. The valves are there to regulate the flow of blood, keeping it on a steady upwards route towards the heart.

However, if a valve stops functioning or begins to malfunction by pushing blood down instead of up, the blood will inevitably begin to back up. This backed up blood strains the veins and causes them to expand. This, in turn, makes the veins push against the skin to reveal the spider web pattern.

The Risk Factors For Spider Veins

While spider veins are relatively common, especially in the older population, the reason one person gets them while another does not are still not certain. What is certain is that heredity plays a role in the tendency to get spider veins. If your parents had them, you are far more likely to develop them.

Another major risk factor for spider veins can be having a profession that requires protracted periods of standing. Professionals like nurses and teachers tend to spend a huge amount of time on their feet, which adds extra pressure. This can lead to the blood back up that causes the spider veins.

Even people who are more likely to get spider veins can practice smart prevention methods like using quality footwear and doing regular foot elevation. People who already have spider veins can have them treated with procedures like sclerotherapy, an outpatient procedure that is minimally invasive.

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