When You Should Call A Doctor About Your Varicose Veins

Young man suffering from chronic leg pain.Your veins have a series of tiny valves throughout your body that help keep blood flowing in the proper direction. Occasionally, these valves stop functioning correctly. This can cause a back-up in the blood flow or pooling of the blood in lower areas of the body, such as the legs.

In some cases, the trapped blood can cause the veins to expand and become visible through the skin. This is how varicose veins are formed and become visible.

In general, varicose veins are harmless and only pose a cosmetic concern. They are especially common in areas where the heart can’t pump blood with enough force to counteract gravity. This is why varicose veins are much more commonly seen in the legs than in other areas of the body.

Although the reasons why varicose veins appear in some people more than others are unknown, there are a few things that have been somewhat successful in reducing their development and appearance. Keeping a healthy and active lifestyle and good nutrition with adequate water has been shown to help.

There a several treatment options to resolve cosmetic concerns. These are generally very successful, non-invasive, and require little to no recovery.

However, varicose veins may develop regardless of preventative steps.

In severe varicose veins, however, the effects and issues go beyond just being cosmetic. Varicose veins can become painful depending on how much the veins have swelled or if valves or a blood clot caused the trapped blood. When the discomfort is accompanied by swelling, there is a chance of more serious underlying health concerns.

Although rare, varicose veins can signify other cardiovascular issues, such as blood clots and deep vein thromboses. These issues can become severe and lead to hospitalization or even death if left untreated.

If you have varicose veins, there is no reason to delay ensuring they are not a sign of a severe health concern. The expert staff at LA Vein Center in Sherman Oaks, CA, can help determine if immediate steps need to be taken or develop a treatment plan to resolve the cosmetic issues. Call the office at 818-325-0400 or visit www.laveincenter.com to schedule a consultation today.

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