How EMSCULPT NEO Can Remove Fat and Build Muscle Tone at the Same Time

Muscle strong stripped male model shirtless in denim jeans Stubborn body fat can be especially difficult to remove, even with frequent exercise and a healthy diet. In many cases, the body fat can also hide muscle tone beneath and prevent you from the sculpted and toned look you want.

While many surgical and minimally-invasive treatments can help remove body fat, they can leave you with sagging skin and do little to improve muscle tone. EMSCULPT NEO is an FDA-approved, non-surgical device that can not only help remove stubborn body fat but improve muscle tone hidden beneath at the same time.

EMSCULPT NEO uses multiple frequencies and intensities of electromagnetic and radiofrequency energy. Radiofrequency energy is similar to other treatments available that gently and safely heat fat cells that damage and destroy them. Your body then cleans out the dead cells during normal metabolic processes.

At the same time, the electromagnetic energy causes your muscles to perform thousands of contractions to form micro-tears in the tissue. These are not painful and do not cause muscular injuries. However, similar to microneedling on your skin, these micro-tears cause a boost in the healing process and improve muscle tone and growth.

EMSCULPT NEO treatments are entirely non-invasive, and since the treatments can be completed in around 30 minutes, they can fit into your regular schedule with minimal interruption. Perhaps best of all, there is no downtime or recovery, and you can return to your everyday life after each treatment.

Although most patients require around four treatments to see the full effect, with a proper diet and exercise, the results from EMSCULPT NEO can be permanent. Over the few months following each treatment, the results will continue to improve for around three months.

EMSCULPT NEO can provide significant and permanent improvement in removing stubborn body fat and increasing muscle tone. Call LA Vein Center in Sherman Oaks, CA, at 818-325-0400 or visit to schedule an appointment and see how a quick, easy and safe EMSCULPT NEO treatment can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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