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What Can You do About Veins in the Chest Area?  

Many women start to notice prominent blue, purple, or red veins standing out in the chest area as they age. These veins are often especially obvious on and around the breasts. Chest veins are always there, but they may only be visible when the skin stars to grow thinner as a natural part of the aging process. The veins that are closest to the surface are much easier to see when the skin is thin. Other factors may also be involved in making chest veins more visible, including pregnancy, nursing, and breast augmentation. No matter what the reason for prominent chest veins may be, many women find them unattractive and want them gone. Fortunately, L.A. Vein Center offers a minimally invasive solution for chest and breast veins: Sclerotherapy. This treatment is fast, safe, and has a high success rate.

Sclerotherapy For Veins in the Chest

Sclerotherapy is a highly effective solution for veins in the chest area. During the sclerotherapy process, Dr. Lee uses a very thin needle to inject a sclerosant — a liquid solution that causes irritation inside the veins. In reaction to this sclerosant, the veins will begin to wither. The veins will eventually collapse completely. Those veins will be reabsorbed into the body over time,

Sclerotherapy for chest veins usually takes just 30 minutes or less per treatment session. The amount of sessions needed depends on the amount of veins and the length of those veins. Some patients need only one session. The sclerotherapy treatment process is quite well tolerated, and most patients don’t experience any significant discomfort at all since the needle is so tiny.

You’ll see results over the next several weeks, with the optimal results usually being evident at about 3-6 weeks after the final sclerotherapy treatment is complete. Call the L.A. Vein Center anytime to learn more about sclerotherapy for chest veins!

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