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After Smart Lipo: What You Should Know About Recovery

The general perception of liposuction is that it is a complicated surgery that requires a very long recovery – but with the sophisticated newer procedures like SmartLipo, that is no longer the case. While any cosmetic procedure, whether major or minor, does require at least minimal recovery time, SmartLipo has been one of the easiest recovery processes of all cosmetic surgical procedures today.

In the Days After SmartLipo

Right after SmartLipo, you will probably feel some numbness in the area where the procedure was performed. This is normal, and it will usually dissipate quickly. With the SmartLipo procedure, there are no major incision sites to worry about. You may experience some mild discomfort in the day or two after the procedure, but this is something that usually resolves quickly.

The doctor will normally recommend taking a few days to heal and rest after SmartLipo. However, this is not always mandatory. If you have obligations and have to be at work the next day, talk to the doctor about it – depending on the area treated, some patients can return to work the very next day!

You may notice some moderate swelling in the days after the SmartLipo procedure. This is normal and expected, but it is nothing to be alarmed about. Much of the swelling will typically be resolved within a week. To improve the healing, compression bandages are useful. You will need to wear these until your follow-up appointment, at which time the doctor will tell you whether further use is necessary.

Most people who get SmartLipo are amazed by the remarkably fast recovery process. You can have SmartLipo one week and be showing off your new figure the next – and nobody will suspect you had lipo!

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