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How Can I Prevent New Spider Veins After My Vein Removal Treatment?


If you’re having spider vein removal soon, you may already be thinking ahead about how you can prevent new veins. Although the veins treated during spider vein sclerotherapy are gone for good, you still run the risk of developing new veins in the same general area. But, you can often avoid doing so with a few simple preventive measures.

Use Sunscreen

When you experience sun damage, it depletes your body’s collagen supply more quickly. Less collagen means less padding between your spider veins and your skin, and that leaves them more visible. Plus, wearing sunscreen is a smart habit for overall skin health!

Lose Extra Weight

If you’re overweight, every step you take puts extra pressure on your leg veins. That extra pressure can quickly lead to vein swelling and damage, which results in more visibility. As with wearing sunscreen, losing extra weight also has whole-body benefits.

Avoid Excessive Standing

When you stand for long periods without moving, your leg veins suffer pressure and damage and that leaves you with all too visible spider veins in your legs. If your work involves standing, try to move occasionally, even if it’s only slight movement, to prevent this. Schedule breaks to take short walks, as well.

Although other factors like genetics can contribute to vein development, you have control of the things above and it’s well worth making lifestyle changes now to prevent new veins from appearing later.

Make your appointment at L.A. Vein Center to get rid of your spider veins now.

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