Compression Stockings may not be a Fashion Statement, but they can be Helpful

Compression Stockings If you have varicose veins, you may be all too familiar with the achiness, cramping, and swelling that occurs at the end of a long day. Many people who suffer the symptoms of varicose veins look into the use of compression stockings. However, taking the plunge into this supportive wear may be a challenge in itself. Here, we will look at how compression stockings work and why they may be useful tool to accompany other treatments for varicose veins.

A Look at Varicose Veins
The reason that these ropey, swollen veins develop is because, somewhere within the vein, there is insufficient flow. Blood that does not circulate through the vein appropriately pools at some point, causing the appearance and the discomfort we know as varicose veins.

An important note about compression stockings and varicose veins: a vein that has insufficient blood flow cannot be “cured.” The vessel has been damaged and needs treatment in order to restore comfort and a healthy aesthetic. However, compression therapy can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of damaged vessels.

A Look at Compression
A compression garment is not the same as a wrap bandage. This prescription garment applies appropriate pressure in the right places to encourage blood to circulate in a healthier manner. Compression stockings fit more tightly at the foot and ankle, and slightly looser near the top of the stocking. These garments could be described as a special type of sock that aid circulation back toward the heart.

The purpose of wearing compression stockings is to relieve pressure on the veins in the legs. In addition to improving comfort, these supportive garments may even prevent the worsening of veins, or slow their progression. These attributes make compression stockings a beneficial front-line treatment for a person with subtle venous insufficiency.

Beneficial, but not Damage-Reversing
There comes a point when medical treatment becomes the best course of action to reverse the damage in problematic veins. Sclerotherapy is a common approach taken to eliminate varicose veins. However, patients of LA Vein Center may also receive radiofrequency ablation or microphlebectomy, depending on their needs and preferences.

Regardless of the reasons you desire treatment for varicose veins, know that options exist, and that our team will prioritize your comfort throughout the proposed course of treatment. Call our Sherman Oaks office at (818) 325-0400.

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