What is VenaSeal™ Vein Treatment?

VenaSeal is a vein closure system that’s different from all the other methods out there today. In fact, VenaSeal is the only non-tumescent and non-sclerosant vein treatment using medical grade adhesive that’s FDA approved today. Here’s what you need to know about VenaSeal and how it can work for your vein removal.

What VenaSeal Treats

VenaSeal treats venous reflux disease in cases where the veins are causing you problems. Usually, painful varicose veins in the legs are the main symptom of venous reflux disease, but swelling, itchiness, discoloration, and sometimes leg ulcers are all possible symptoms.

How VenaSeal Treatment Works

VenaSeal is injected through a catheter and a dispensing gun. Dr. Lee releases small quantities of VenaSeal through the dispensing gun as she uses ultrasound guidance to ensure that the VenaSeal moves into the proper place the close the veins. The VenaSeal is delivered at various points along the vein to allow for even closure. Dr. Lee uses gentle compression as she applies the VenaSeal, which helps the vein walls stick together and ensures faster closure.

Because the vein is sealed shut at various points, blood can’t flow back into it normally. Your body naturally re-routes that blood into other nearby veins. This helps relieve your symptoms in several ways. It relieves the swelling, improves circulation in your legs, and eliminates the bumpy, knotty looking veins.

Over time, your vein tissue withers away completely without its blood supply. You’ll dispose of the vein tissue naturally and painlessly. VenaSeal is a great solution for venous reflux disease, so get in touch with L.A. Vein Center to learn more about how it can help you today.

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