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What are Venous Leg Ulcers — And How Are They Treated?


Venous leg ulcers are wounds on your legs that either won’t heal or keep coming back after they’re healed. This problem can develop when your blood isn’t properly routed from the leg veins back up to your heart. The blood collects and can soon cause wounds that may be painful, odorous, and highly inflamed.

What is the Best Treatment For Venous Leg Ulcers?

At L.A. Vein Center, expert physician Dr. Lee uses a multi-pronged approach that addresses both current leg ulcers and future vein health. For superficial venous insufficiency leading to venous leg ulcers, Dr. Lee may use a minimally invasive technique called radiofrequency ablation to correct the blood pooling in your leg.

For the deeper blockages caused by deep vein thrombosis, Dr. Lee can do a venogram to examine how blood flows in your veins and relieve blockages with a stent. No matter what kind of treatment is right for your venous leg ulcers, proper wound care is important. You may need daily or weekly appointments for specialized wound care to encourage optimal healing after your procedure. Most patients need compression garments for leg support during healing, too.

The team of experts at L.A. Vein Center has a unique understanding of leg veins, leg ulcers, and other related problems. Dr. Lee has specialized training and experience that allows her to carefully customize your venous ulcer treatment just for you. After treatment, you’ll not only feel better, your legs will look better too.

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