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Our hands are one of the only parts of our body which generally remain unclothed, and therefore on show right through the year. We also all identify very personally with our hands, and are all familiar with the expression to know something “like the back of my hand”. For all these reasons and more, finding prominent veins forming on the back of our hands can be off-putting, as well as potentially worrying.

There’s no need to fear though, those unsightly veins are very common, and in the vast majority of causes they can be treated without complication.

Visible Hand Veins
Our hands are one of the most vulnerable parts of our body for prominent veins to develop. Being an extremity and our veins are very near to the surface, means that these veins are more visible than most of the veins in our body. This means that, unfortunately, as we age our skin thins on our hands and makes these veins more prominent and unsightly.
Not all veins require treatment as a medical necessity, however many people choose to remove unsightly veins using one of the simple treatment options available for cosmetic reasons. If, however, you experience any unpleasant side effects associated with varicose veins, then seeking treatment can make a big difference. The most common side effects associated with varicose veins include: pain, swelling, discoloration and ulcers, restless and soreness, itching and rashes.

There are now many treatment options available suited to treating a range of venous conditions like varicose veins in the legs and other parts of the body, depending on the condition and severity. The most common options available involve shrinking the vein with use of a liquid solution injected directly to the vein or otherwise with the use of a laser or radiofrequency to seal the incompetent vein. Once done, blood reroutes itself through other healthy veins. and vein valves. All of the treatments we offer are standard in practice and have been developed over decades for safe and effective use.

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