Maximizing Your Liposuction Journey

Liposuction Sherman Oaks, CA Liposuction is a popular method of fat reduction among adults of all ages. Even after the emergence of non-surgical treatments designed to blast unwanted fat with everything from freezing temperatures to radio frequency, there is still a great deal of interest in the liposuction procedure. Why? Because it works!

Patients who undergo liposuction to refine their body contours can do a lot to maximize their overall experience. There are tips for preparing the body for surgery, such as avoiding tobacco products. There are tips for recovery, such as creating an inviting space at home in which to rest. Here, we want to discuss how you can promote the longest lasting results from your fat-reducing treatment at LA Vein Center.

Know When to Press the Issue

One of the important issues to manage after liposuction is swelling. Many patients may balk at the idea of wearing a compression garment after surgery, but this is not something to skip. After any surgical procedure, it is natural for the body to retain fluid, and to send that fluid directly to the surgical site. This means swelling. Compression garments are designed to gently press against the body, be it the arms or the abdomen, to reduce swelling and promote comfort.

Know What to Eat

Of course, if you are considering liposuction you know that the fat cells that remain could expand if you do not eat well. A long-term diet plan should be carefully tailored to meet your unique tastes. A feeling of deprivation should not be allowed into your life; otherwise, there is a risk of “falling off the wagon” of good health. The point we want to make here is that, during your recovery from liposuction, your body will be in great need of hydration. Drink several glasses of water each day for the weeks your body heals from surgery. Even consider a diet rich in fresh juices and soups for a few weeks. This not only provides hydration, but it also limits caloric intake.

Know How to Move

Exercise is obviously a major aspect of maintaining the results of liposuction. However, it is important that patients who undergo this procedure know not to overdo it in the exercise department; at least not for a long while. It is important to learn the art of balance during liposuction recovery. Strenuous exercise could promote bruising and swelling. Inactivity inhibits optimal circulation. Initially, patients will want to start walking short distances as soon as they feel stable on their feet. Physical activity can gradually – slowly – increase from there. Heavy lifting and more intense aerobic activity should begin only after 4 weeks of mild exercise.

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