Belotero is a Dermal Filler Worth Your Attention

Most adults know by now that they will see an increasing number of lines and wrinkles as they get older. This happens because the body makes a mere fraction of the collagen, elastin, and  hyaluronic acid at 50 as it did at 20. The sharp decline in production is not met with an equal decline in the use of these substances. No, the body goes right on using its stores. At the same time, stress, nourishment, and sun exposure are at work breaking down healthy collagen strands and causing multiple signs of aging. Fortunately, we know this process happens and have developed ways to manage it. At LA Vein Center, one of the ways we do so is with Belotero, a powerful injectable wrinkle-reducer. 

Belotero is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, meaning that it is made from a natural sugar that is present in the skin, as well as our joints. Hyaluronic acid is an invaluable substance that carries out several functions in the body. Primarily, it is known to bind to water molecules. It also works as a replenishing and nourishing agent for the skin. As a dermal filler, hyaluronic acid is precisely injected to target fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of volume. 

Treatment is convenient and quick. Patients find it very tolerable in terms of comfort, and enjoy immediate results with zero downtime needed. Like other injectable treatments, Belotero may cause minor side effects. These can include swelling, tenderness, and redness. Some patients may notice slight bruising. If side effects occur, they typically do not interfere with normal daily activities. 

What Belotero Can Do

We use Belotero for a number of anti-aging benefits. These include:

  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Using a fine needle, the provider inserts just enough Belotero beneath creases in the skin to raise them to the surface. The smoother appearance leaves the skin looking flawlessly youthful.
  • A uniform surface. Belotero is a thin compound that can be injected superficially or more deeply. Wherever it is placed, the fluid spreads out evenly across the treatment area, resulting in uniform, smooth skin. 
  • No downtime treatment. One of the benefits of injectable treatments is that they do not require time off work for recovery. Our patients can return to the majority of their normal activities the same day they get Belotero. 
  • Maintains normal movement and facial expressions. Belotero is a dermal filler, not a neuromodulator, so does not affect your facial expressions. Many people prefer this. However, Belotero can also be combined with a neuromodulator like Xeomin to achieve more profound anti-aging benefits. 

LA Vein Center is proud to offer effective cosmetic treatments to reduce the signs of aging. Contact us at (818) 325-0400 to schedule your Belotero treatment in our comfortable Sherman Oaks office. 

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