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When the Neck is a Problem

SmartLipo® Laser Liposuction, Los AngelesFacial aging is an interesting process. As structure naturally diminishes across the cheeks, secondary consequences seem just to keep piling up. Literally! The fatty tissue and fluid that should reside along the cheekbones don’t resorb. It doesn’t disappear. It moves. When it does, problems like sagging jowls, a double chin, and loose neck skin may become inescapable. Or so it seems.

We have come a long way in how the medical community regards and addresses were aging. The desire to look good on the outside while feeling good on the inside is strong among men and women of all ages. It has been for centuries. Only now, we can do something to align the two. At LA Vein Center, we don’t just provide custom care for varicose and spider veins, we also provide aesthetic services such as SmartLipo and injectables to help our patients look as good as they feel.

Liposuction for the chin?

Yes! Since the early days of liposuction, the idea has been that this process of manual fat extraction is reserved for large areas of concern. Sure, there is immense value in liposuction for whittling down the waistline, thighs, or buttocks (we do this all the time for our patients!). However, smaller areas such as the arms and the chin are also very treatable with a streamlined liposuction procedure, and SmartLipo is just that.

SmartLipo is slightly different than tumescent liposuction because this procedure commences with laser energy directed toward fat cells. Here’s why this matters: wavelengths of laser light are absorbed into fat cells, where they are transformed into heat. The heat from laser energy melts the contents of fat cells. More malleable, fat cells are then more easily extracted.

But there’s more . . .

Heat also has a positive and immediate effect on collagen. So, when liposuction of an area such as the chin involves subdermal heating of tissue, there is also a skin-tightening process that is prompted. Collagen is crucial for firm, taut skin, and the skin on the neck and under the chin is especially vulnerable to laxity.

Is your neck giving away your age? Contact our Sherman Oaks office at 818-325-0400 to see how SmartLipo can help.

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