When is it Time to See a Vein Specialist?

Vein Surgery Santa Monica, CAWe tend to assume that varicose veins are visible and will be easy to spot if they develop. In reality, there are thousands of people who routinely experience the symptoms of varicose veins without any outward indication that a vein or veins have lost some of their structural integrity. Are you living with leg fatigue, muscle cramps, and restless legs that won’t let you sleep? It may be time to contact your Los Angeles vein specialist for help.

It is possible to feel better. Proper treatment for varicose veins can reduce the symptoms that are inhibiting you from wanting to exercise or, if your veins are visible, to wear shorts and skirts. Multiple treatment options have been developed to safely and comfortably reroute blood to working veins. To discover which technique is best, you must first recognize when you need to call LA Vein Clinic.

Is it time?

It may be time to speak with a doctor if you routinely experience:

  • Leg pain that is getting in the way of your daily life. Occasional leg pain may relate to an unusually long day or strenuous workout. Daily leg pain, though, isn’t the norm. If your legs often cramp or feel achy and throbbing after a typical day at the office, it could be because blood is not circulating well through the lower extremities.
  • Leg weakness when you stand for a period of time. Standing in long lines at an amusement park is one thing, but if your legs feel weak after walking through the mall or mowing the lawn, you may want to investigate why. If leg fatigue is related to varicose veins, they may feel better after you sit or lie down for several minutes. Compression stockings may be advisable in this instance. The pressure of graduated compression helps push blood up the leg, so pooling is not as severe.
  • A tender lump in your leg. When a varicose vein is first developing, slight pooling may cause a lump versus a twisted, ropy appearance. A nondescript lump or bump beneath the skin that aches, itches, or is tender to the touch may be the early onset of vein disease.

Varicose veins are cosmetically concerning and also present certain physical risks. Learn more about how to eliminate varicose veins during a consultation in our Los Angeles area office. Call (818) 325-0400.

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