What to Expect During a Venous Ultrasound

If you are suffering from venous insufficiency, deep vein thrombosis, or varicose veins, the doctor is likely to use a venous ultrasound as an important diagnostic tool. This type of ultrasound procedure can even be used to aid the doctor during some vein treatment procedures.

How Venous Ultrasound Imaging Works

Venous ultrasound imaging can be done as an out-patient procedure. Generally, the process will take only a short time. The patient will relax on the exam table with the effected leg comfortably positioned. The Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT) will then apply a layer of clear gel to the area where the veins are. The transducer will then be used, gently but firmly moving over the area to generate an image. During this process, the doctor and the patient will both be able to see the images immediately. This allows the doctor to diagnose issues and explain them to the patient more easily.

Why Choose Venous Ultrasound Imaging?

The reasons for choosing venous ultrasound imaging for diagnosis are many. Perhaps the most important of these is that it is a simple and relatively fast procedure that does not cause any pain for the patient. Venous ultrasound imaging has been proven to be effective and safe to use (no ionizing radiation.) No invasive actions need to be taken to get the information required, so it is very different than a surgical procedure. Venous ultrasound imaging is far more effective than traditional x-rays because it shows the soft tissues and veins. X-rays only show the bones. The venous ultrasound is the gold standard in identifying superficial leg vein issues.

When there is some question about exactly what is causing vein issues, or the doctor wants to determine exactly where a problem is located, venous ultrasound imaging is usually the best choice. Talk to our doctor about how it can help in your situation!

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