Venous Leg Ulcers: Why They Happen – And What You Can Do About Them

Sometimes people can develop venous ulcers which are open wounds near the ankle. In many cases, an issue with blood flow prompts the development of venous leg ulcers. When blood isn’t flowing properly in the legs (it should be flowing up towards the heart rather than down,) it starts to collect. The collection of blood results in extra pressure on the veins.

When the leg veins are under extreme pressure, they may begin to ooze fluid. This fluid, in turn, often results in swelling and thickened skin. In many cases, these circumstances can result in an ulcer forming in the area where the damaged skin is.

Recognizing Venous Leg Ulcers

Venous leg ulcers are very obvious. The ulcers are often seen in the ankle area, just above the foot. The ulcers are often a deep red, brown, or dark blue-purple color. They may appear as mottled-looking splotches on the legs, and they can be itchy and even painful. If a venous leg ulcer is ignored, it is only likely to worsen over time. Proper treatment is important, and it should be done as quickly as possible.

The Healing Approach For Venous Leg Ulcers

The best way to heal leg ulcers often involves several different techniques. We can customize a treatment approach for every person. The most pressing concern with venous leg ulcers is the blood supply. For the ulcer to heal, it needs to get adequate arterial blood.

Once the arterial blood supply issues are resolved, any superficial venous blood insufficiencies can be treated with ablation, phlebectomy, or sclerotherapy. During radiofrequency ablation, the vein that is prompting the abnormal blood collection can be sealed, leaving the surrounding veins healthier and able to achieve normal blood flow.

These are minimally invasive procedures with little to no downtime. The after-care process involves regular monitoring by the doctor, and careful treatment of the ulcer site. This includes proper compression of the leg. Proper treatment can expedite the healing of the ulcer!

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