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VenaSeal® Treatment Offers Numerous Advantages

Venaseal™ Vein Closure in Sherman Oaks, Los AngelesVenous disease, which prompts the development of unattractive varicose and spider veins, affects millions of people. The severity of varicose veins, with their bulging and twisting pathways, can create a great deal of dissatisfaction with cosmetic appearance. But the appearance of veins is only one problem; weak veins are often the source of physical discomfort, as well.

If you have varicose veins, it is not because you’ve done something wrong, or that you are not taking good care of your health and wellness. In most cases, the venous disease has a genetic history. This and other uncontrollable factors have simply led to insufficient function in the valves in certain veins and, as a result, pooling blood.

Vein treatments have improved a significantly over the past few decades. Varicose veins used to be “stripped” from the legs in a surgical procedure. Today, sclerotherapy is one of the most common methods of closing off veins with insufficient blood flow. And now, we have VenaSeal®. We are proud to offer this innovative protocol to patients of our Sherman Oaks vein clinic.

What is VenaSeal®?

The VenaSeal® treatment is appropriate for small land large varicose veins. Therapy ultimately aims to redirect blood flow from the weak vein to a nearby alternative that is healthy and strong. The magic of VenaSeal® is polymerization. This sounds complex, but it’s very straightforward. In the treatment formulation is a polymer or medical adhesive. Hence, the “seal.” By sealing a weak vein, we achieve advantages such as:

  • Improved comfort during treatment due to the absence of heat (compared to laser vein treatments.)
  • Treatment sessions are usually 90 minutes or less.
  • The bruising that results from treatment is mild.
  • Results from this comfortable treatment are comparable to endovenous thermal ablation.

In primary studies, VenaSeal® succeeded in more than 97% of cases. Early research has also suggested faster healing and a reduced need for compression following vein treatment. Healthy patients were able to return to normal activities, minus strenuous exercises, soon after vein treatment.

When you’re ready to bid farewell to unattractive, uncomfortable varicose veins, you don’t want to wait. VenaSeal® is an excellent treatment option for fast, comfortable results. Learn more about this and other vein treatment options at LA Vein Center. Schedule your visit at (818) 325-0400.

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