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Using Sclerotherapy or Phlebectomy for leg veins

If you’re seeking the most advanced treatment options for leg veins, then two of the most common treatment options are to have sclerotherapy, or a phlebectomy. If these words sound new to you then don’t worry at all, we’ll be explaining everything about the procedures, recovery, and more in this blog post.


Sclerotherapy is a common treatment used for varicose and spider veins on the legs, usually for medical reasons, or for larger cosmetic issues. The procedure involves making a precise injection, ultrasound is often used to help with precision, with sclerosant solution. Sclerosant solution causes the vein the shrink in size, collapsing on itself. The unhealthy vein is absorbed back into the bloodstream, and the blood flows to healthy nearby veins. This procedure is fast, and generally only takes less than an hour.


A microphlebectomy is usually used for smaller varicose veins, for medical or cosmetic procedures. Several incisions are made along the affected area using a scalpel, these incisions are usually very small, and rarely requiring stitching, with scarring minimal. The vein is then broken and removed via the incisions. The incisions will usually take around two weeks to heal.

Benefits of seeking treatment
The main benefit of seeking cosmetic treatment is simply that the results are immediate, and dramatically more effectively than lifestyle changes alone.

Good to Know

Whether you do, or do not decide to undergo a procedure for your veins, there are several simple things that you can do to reduce existing vein issues, as well as preventing future issues.
First of all, exercise is absolutely essential to the health of your veins. Even if you are a little out of shape at present, the sooner you start, the more drastic the results will be.
Second, diet is a huge factor in developing issues with veins, particularly in the upper leg areas. A healthy balanced diet, like proper exercise, can both prevent future problems while reducing current problems.

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