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Smart Lipo Recovery: What You Need to Know

SmartLipo has consistently grown in popularity for a couple of big reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason for its current popularity is that SmartLipo is minimally invasive. Because there is no general anesthesia and there are no major incisions, the recovery time associated with SmartLipo is usually a far shorter than that needed for traditional surgical liposuction. For the best SmartLipo recovery, there are a few important things to know.

After the Procedure

Immediately after the SmartLipo procedure, you will typically rest in a quiet recovery room. This gives you time to relax after the procedure, and it also allows the doctor to check on you after the procedure.

Returning Home

Once your short recovery period is finished, you can return home immediately. Some patients like to take a few days to rest after the procedure, but, in general, people can return to work (and to their normal routine) very rapidly. Some people even return to work the next day.

Precautions After SmartLipo

One of the main precautions that the doctor will typically ask you to observe involves strenuous activity. Patients are often advised to avoid heavy workouts, for example, workouts with weights, for a week or so after SmartLipo. Wearing compression garments is also a very important part of after care. This helps reduce the risks of bruising and fluid pockets (medically known as seroma.)

Be sure to keep an eye on your incision site as well. Although the incisions for SmartLipo are extremely small and don’t require stitches, they should still be monitored. If you notice any unusual puffiness or redness around the incision site, be sure to call the doctor so the problem can be resolved quickly. While very unusual, it is possible for an infection to develop. This can be treated with antibiotics.

Overall, the recovery from SmartLipo is remarkably easy, especially when it is compared to traditional liposuction procedures. Contact our offices anytime to learn more about what SmartLipo can do for you!

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