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Radiofrequency ablation made simple

Radiofrequency Ablation is a cutting edge advance in the treatment of venous conditions, a service that can provided by vascular surgeons. There are many great benefits of this new treatment, including reduced recovery time, a shorter a more simple procedure, and less bleeding during and after the procedure.

What is it?
Radiofrequency ablation uses a targeted heating device which is often guided using ultrasound to locate the deficient vein. The vein is then heated, reducing it in size, and forcing all blood using the vein to find alternative routes via more healthy veins. The vein doesn’t need to be removed as it is safely and naturally absorbed back into the bloodstream.


The procedure can be carried out in state of the art offices, clinics, or hospitals, and is used either for medical, or for cosmetic treatments. Those seeking treatment for advanced venous condition will find very effective results with Radiofrequency Ablation, with one incision and ultrasound guidance this is a minimal invasive treatment option.

If you believe you have a medical concern associated with your varicose vein such as, pain, restless legs, discolouration, cramping, swelling, or anything else, then this procedure is perfect for relieving symptoms, as well as preventing the return of the same symptoms in that area.


Although Radiofrequency Ablation is highly recommended for Varicose veins and Spider veins for both medical and cosmetic procedures, there are alternatives out there appropriate for smaller veins, or for those who prefer a different treatment.
The two main alternatives are:


A sclerotherapy involves injecting the affected area using a sclerosant solution. The solution then collapses the vein, reducing it in size, and allowing it to absorb back into the blood.


A microphlebectomy involves making several incisions along the affected area, and using a small hook to remove the damaged vein. This procedure uses local anesthesia for patient comfort, and a compression sock must be worn for one week after the treatment.

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