What You Should Know Before a Vein Ultrasound

A vein ultrasound is a diagnostic study commonly done at L.A. Vein Clinic. Vein ultrasounds can produce images of your body’s deep and superficial veins with the help of high frequency sound waves. Dr. Lee may use a vein ultrasound to diagnose or monitor a variety of different vascular issues. Ultrasounds can also be used during treatments, as they allow for precise access to veins that need to be treated. Vein ultrasounds can be particularly useful in varicose vein treatments.

How do Ultrasounds Work?

Vein ultrasounds are performed on site at L.A. Vein Center. Ultrasounds are done by a Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT.) You’ll relax on the exam table while a conductive gel is smoothed over the area with the vein or veins. The RVT will gently but firmly apply a transducer to the treatment area, moving it back and forth so the images can be generated. These images immediately pop up on a nearby monitor, where Dr. Lee can view them in real time. A vein ultrasound isn’t painful or uncomfortable. It’s a simple procedure that usually takes only minutes.

Why Have a Vein Ultrasound?

Vein ultrasounds are safe and completely non-invasive procedures that allow Dr. Lee to make the most accurate possible diagnosis. By having the correct diagnosis, Dr. Lee can plan the most effective treatment for any vein issues that you may have. The vein ultrasound doesn’t use ionizing radiation, and it’s a widely accepted as the gold standard in the world of vascular surgery and treatment. Since the results of the vein ultrasound are immediately viewed by Dr. Lee, you won’t have to wait days or weeks to get the information you need. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to learn more about vein issues today.

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