Is SmartLipo Your Key to Sculpted Arms?

We tend to give so much attention to the face, midsection, and the thighs that we overlook the role that the arms play in the overall appearance of the body. The backs of the arms are particularly challenging. Not only are some people more prone to storing fat here but the backs of the arms can be difficult to tone even when excess fat is minimal. Sagging is worsened by the loss of collagen and skin firmness as we age. For many people, SmartLipo is the perfect path to more sculpted arms.

What is SmartLipo?

SmartLipo is a type of liposuction. It was developed to remove excess fat in a less traumatic way than traditional liposuction (one of several reasons why it’s so great for the arms). During a SmartLipo procedure, the area is first treated with laser energy via the small cannula. This turns the dense lipids in fat cells into liquid. This liquefication of fat cells increases precision as well as gentleness. The liquid fat is easily suctioned through a microcannula, achieving outstanding results with minimal downtime.

The SmartLipo procedure is performed on multiple areas of the body, from the thighs to the chin to the arms. Here, it is not only the backs of the arms that can be treated but also the anterior and posterior auxiliary fat pads. The anterior fat pads create a bulge in the front of the armpits, a highly visible area when wearing tank tops or bathing suits. Even thinner patients complain of visible auxiliary fat pads and can benefit from SmartLipo. The posterior auxiliary fat pads, although not visible when we look in the mirror, present a similar problem behind the armpit area. The microcannula technique is well-suited to these areas and the backs of the arms for the most beautiful transformation.

What is SmartLipo Recovery Like?

SmartLipo laser liposuction is performed right here in our Los Angeles area office. A local anesthetic is used to numb the treatment area. Patients do not feel any pain. They may feel the sensation of the microcannula, but it does not hurt. Because a microcannula is used, soreness and bruising are minimal after SmartLipo. Patients may resume light activities after just a few days and notice a significant improvement in swelling other side effects within about 10 days of their procedure.

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