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How Soon Will I See the Results of Liposuction?

Body contouring has changed quite a bit in recent years. Still, liposuction continues to achieve the best results in the shortest period of time. Patients exploring their options for minimally-invasive body contouring often ask how quickly they will see results from the liposuction procedure. With nonsurgical approaches like CoolSculpting, one must wait about 12 weeks to start seeing more obvious changes in their body shape. This approach also requires multiple treatments. Here, we look at how liposuction compares. 

The liposuction procedure works by manually extracting fat cells. The procedure can be performed using a local anesthetic that completely numbs the treatment area. Patients are awake and alert but they do not feel pain. They may feel some pressure as the small cannula moves beneath their skin. Because the cannula moves back and forth through adipose tissue, there is bound to be a little bit of trauma that results in swelling. 

Liposuction is considered one of the least invasive plastic surgery procedures. However, a little time for recovery is still necessary. The initial recovery during which a patient may take time off work lasts only about a week. During this time, patients with young children may also want to arrange for some extra help so they can get the extra rest they need to heal well. Patients may also take prescription pain medication for a few days to maintain optimal comfort, which can make them groggy and unprepared for normal childcare duties. 

Waiting for Liposuction Results

The swelling and bruising that occur after liposuction can somewhat obscure the results of this procedure. Patients must trust that they will become apparent bit by bit. Even with swelling and the compression garment that is applied after surgery, many patients do see an improvement in their shape right away. How quickly swelling subsides differs from one person to another. While one patient may feel completely enamored with their new shape after a few weeks, another may not feel complete satisfaction for a few months. Are results visible before then? Yes! It’s important to view every improvement as a small win while you wait to appreciate the grand finale of the liposuction procedure. 

Summer is pretty much here, but it’s not too late for liposuction. Swelling and bruising typically resolve in a couple of weeks, paving the way for a beautiful season of fun in the sun. To schedule your liposuction consultation in our Los Angeles office, call 818-696-8680.

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