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Lines and wrinkles are to be expected at some point. Some of the creases that form on the face may not feel as bothersome as others. Frown lines typically fall into the category of being highly frustrating. Frown lines don’t just age the face, they make us look angry or more serious than we truly are. Though a normal consequence of getting older, frown lines can detract from an otherwise friendly, attractive face. For the past several years, people interested in smoothing frown lines have turned to Botox. In our Los Angeles office, Xeomin is the treatment of choice. Here, we explain why.

What is Xeomin?

We don’t get frown lines just because we age. We get them because, when we frown or squint, we use the same muscles every time. The frequent contraction of facial muscles causes them to stay in a slightly rigid state. The skin the lies over the muscles cannot smooth. Xeomin is an FDA-approved wrinkle-reducer that softens the muscle contractions that are causing lines and wrinkles. The product contains highly-purified botulinum toxin type A, a chemical that has been widely used to treat muscular disorders. The dosing for cosmetic use is much lower than the typical therapeutic dose. When Xeomin is injected into a muscle, it blocks nerve endings from releasing a chemical necessary for contraction. The effects of injections last three to six months.

How Xeomin Differs from Botox

If we already have Botox on the market, why is it necessary to have Xeomin? Because they are slightly different. They both target the muscles to decrease the intensity of contraction and both are a highly-purified version of the same botulinum toxin. Xeomin, however, has not additional proteins bound to botulinum particles. The absence of additives is why Xeomin is often referred to as a “naked” toxin. The absence of additives may also decrease the risk of antibody formation to the product, which can lead to allergic reaction.

Advantages of Xeomin

In addition to providing quick and noticeable facial rejuvenation, Xeomin offers benefits including:

  • Clinically-proven effectiveness. Xeomin was put through at least two large-scale clinical trials to test its ability to smooth moderate to severe frown lines. Studies indicated that this drug achieved comparable results to Botox, which led to its FDA-approval in 2011.
  • Temporary effects last three to six months, allowing patients to see how they look without frown lines without having to commit to long-term results. Xeomin can be injected as often as every 3 months to maintain smoother skin.
  • Convenient, comfortable treatment. Injections take less than thirty minutes and patients tolerate the procedure very well without the need for numbing cream.

Discover how you can look without a permanent frown. Call 818) 325-0400 to schedule your Xeomin consultation in our Sherman Oaks office.

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