Deep Vein Thrombosis: When there is Aftermath

deep vein thrombosis sherman oaksIndividuals who have suffered deep vein thrombosis, or DVT, know the frustration – and the fear – brought on by the clot in a deep vein in the leg. Once you have completed the regimen of treatment for this primary condition, your hope is that it will not occur again in the future. Rarely do people consider that there could be other ramifications of deep vein thrombosis.

Post-thrombotic syndrome is a relatively uncommon consequence of having a resolved clotting issue like DVT. If it does occur, it can be equally as frustrating to patients as the original problem. This is because post-thrombotic syndrome can cause chronic and persistent discomfort such as aching or cramping in the affected leg. Additional symptoms may include extreme dryness or eczema, leg ulcers, and unspecified pain.

The ongoing discomfort of post-thrombotic syndrome can be mitigated. The sooner that home remedies and medical care commence, the better. One of the first lines of defense against post-thrombotic syndrome includes compression stockings. These garments promote the movement of blood through the lower extremities, and they can be tailored to the precise pressure you need to feel comfortable throughout the day. Medication may also be recommended by your physician to minimize the risk of clot formation.

Early Intervention Makes Sense

Post-thrombotic syndrome may not pose the same serious risks as deep vein thrombosis because there is no clot that may break loose. However, it is necessary to recognize the symptoms of the secondary condition so you can obtain care sooner rather than later. Post-thrombotic syndrome, like deep vein thrombosis, could be progressive. The early warning signs to escalate to noticeable leg ulcers. These lesions could become chronic, never fully resolve. If that happens, there is a threat of disfigurement to the affected tissue.

In addition to the progressive nature of post-thrombotic syndrome, there is also a cycle that makes it difficult to resolve ongoing discomfort and dermatologic concerns. The pain and aching that are ever-present create an obstacle to an active lifestyle, but it is the active lifestyle that can help you maintain the health of your veins.

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