Belotero: An Advanced Dermal Filler That Serves Multiple Purposes

Dermal fillers have been used for years by people who are looking for additional facial volume, improved facial contours, or wrinkle correction. With every passing year, dermal fillers get more advanced, and Belotero is the pinnacle of that advancement. Belotero is particularly effective because it has unique properties designed to adapt seamlessly into the skin once injected.  The product is especially easy to mold and can be used in multiple ways. Keep reading to find out how Belotero can help you!

Where Can Belotero Be Injected?

Belotero is among the most flexible dermal fillers to ever enter the market. It can be used in areas of thin skin where other fillers typical do not work well. This includes the tear trough or area underneath the eye that can give a tired or bruised look to the eyes. It can also be used for fine scars or wrinkles.

What is the Belotero Treatment Process?

Belotero is administered using super fine needles. The doctor can first administer a topical anesthetic in the treatment area, which helps to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Most patients feel little to no pain during the injections, and the procedure can take only about 20 minutes.

After a Belotero treatment, the results will be immediately noticeable. In fact, most people treated with Belotero can see results right away. This is a treatment that can be easily fit into any day since it’s possible to return to work immediately if desired.

To maintain Belotero results, consult with your doctor about ideal treatment intervals. Generally, patients enjoy nine months of visible results after a Belotero treatment. Touch-ups are usually recommended at the six to twelve-month range.

If you’re looking for a natural looking result that is also long lasting, Belotero may just be the perfect dermal filler for you. Call our offices to talk about what it can do for you today!

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