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XeominAt LA Vein Center, we don’t just help patients from the Sherman Oaks area get rid of unsightly veins; we also provide the wrinkle-reducing services you have come to know and trust. If frown lines are causing you to appear unfriendly, or volume loss has led to sagging skin, talk with us about the uses of dermal fillers. One of the uses of products like Xeomin is to reduce the appearance of under eye bags; and we love performing this treatment!

Facial skin is,  in general, pretty resilient. The tissue around the eyes, however, is more delicate than any other part of the face. Puffiness may be partially caused by genetics, and it is also said to be linked to lymphatic drainage (or a lack thereof). The primary factors that lead to persistent puffiness, however, are:

  • Laxity that has developed due to collagen breakdown
  • Looseness in the muscles located around the eyes
  • Accumulation of fat around the eyes

Treating Under Eye Bags

Men and women have consistently sought ways to minimize the appearance of under-eye bags for centuries. Today, we hear of methods ranging from applying egg whites and coffee grounds to this area to treating lax skin with a caffeinated eye serum. For the most part, it has become common knowledge that treating the problem from the outside, aka topical creams, doesn’t typically achieve the desired result. This is because the real problem lies on the inside, beneath the skin where the supportive matrix of fibers has broken down. Like other lines and wrinkles, those that reside just around the under eye bag can be filled. Usually, this is done with Belotero.

Belotero Balance is a popular hyaluronic acid filler, used on everything from thin lips to nasolabial folds to the cheeks. Now, one of its primary uses is to make under eye bags disappear.

How it Works

The short treatment involves strategic injections of Belotero at the lower portion of the crease made by the under eye bag. As this crease is plumped with hyaluronic acid, and subsequently with water molecules, the appearance of puffiness fades away. Results are immediately visible, and they tend to improve over time as the filler settles into dermal tissues.

It’s time to pack your bags! Call LA Vein Center for dermal filler treatment and say goodbye to under eye bags.

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