Are You New to Dermal Fillers? Here’s What You Can Expect at Your First Appointment!

Dermal fillers have been around longer than most people realize. The first products developed to add volume to the skin were introduced about 50 years ago. Because they contained animal products such as bovine collagen, the early dermal fillers carried more risk than is present today. Patients interested in this treatment had to be tested to rule out potential allergies that could cause an adverse reaction. Today, that isn’t necessary. The hyaluronic acid that is in most dermal fillers is biocompatible because it is already present in the body. Other common filler ingredients, such as the calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) that is in Radiesse, are considered nontoxic and hypoallergenic. In addition to wanting to know that dermal fillers are safe, patients who are new to this treatment also want to know what they can expect. We discuss that here.

First, we Talk. Then we Fill!

At your first dermal filler appointment, we don’t hop right into injecting your face or other areas. First, we get to know what you wish to achieve through cosmetic injectables. There are many ways in which dermal fillers can enhance appearance and people have personal reasons for seeking this treatment. Whether you want to replenish the volume in your lips or smooth lines and wrinkles, we want to understand what you expect so we can achieve the most satisfying results. Your consultation will guide us in choosing the right product, knowing how much of the product is needed, and inform you regarding the cost of your treatment. Then, if you are ready, we get to the fun part!

Dermal Filler Treatment

Dermal filler treatment happens faster than many people imagine. It only takes a few minutes to administer the series of injections that are needed to bring more volume to the skin. Dermal filler treatment is also more comfortable than many people imagine. Some think they will need a topical numbing cream but, in most cases, this is an unnecessary process that can take 30 minutes or more to even work. Dermal fillers often have an anesthetic in their formula to improve comfort. Also, the tiny needle that is used to administer treatment feels like a momentary pinch even without anesthetic. What’s most exciting about your first dermal filler treatment is that you will see the results of injections as soon as they are done.

After Dermal Filler Treatment

At first, the treatment area may look a little swollen, so it may look like you’ve had more filler than you expected. This side effect resolves quickly. The skin is usually back to normal in a few hours. The redness and swelling that can occur are so mild that most people go right back to work and other activities after their treatment.

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